San Francisco Bay Blues

Words & Music by Jesse Fuller (Additional words by Tom Lewis)
(Recorded by POLES APART on The Song Goes On)

I’ve got them blues ‘cos my baby left me by the San Francisco Bay,
An ocean-liner came an’ it took her away.
Didn’t mean to treat her bad, best girl I ever had,
Made me cry … made me sigh … made me wanna lay down an’ die.

Ain’t got a nickel an’ I ain’t got a lousy dime,
If she don’t come back, think I’m gonna lose my mind,
If she ever comes back to stay, gonna be another brand-new day,
Walkin’ with my baby down beside the San Francisco Bay.

Sittin’ down lookin’ out my back-porch, dunno which way to go,
Girl that I was so crazy about she don’t love me any more,
Think I’ll take me a freight-train, ‘cos I’m feelin’ blue,
Ride it down to the end of the line, thinkin’ only of you.

Meanwhile in another city, Just about goin’ insane,
Think I hear my ba … by callin’ out my name,
I’d thumb a ride or hop a freight, even pay my fare,
Do anything in this God’a’mighty world just to get together with her.

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