Rio Grande

Traditional - Collected by Stan Hugill. Arr.: Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Poles Apart)

Say, was you ever down Rio Grande - 'Way for Rio,
'Tis there that the water runs down golden strand - and we're bound for the Rio Grande.

SING! - Away, bullies, away - 'Way for Rio,
So fare thee well to you Liverpool girls, and we're bound for the Rio Grande.

A big ship went sailing our over the bar,
She pointed her nose to the bright Southern star,

We was sick of the beach and our money was gone,
So we signed on this packet to drive her along,

Cheer up Mary Ellen and don't look so glum,
On "white-stocking day" you'll be drinking hot rum,

Pack up your donkeys and get under way,
Them Judies on Lime Street will draw our half-pay,

Farewell to the ladies from all of the crew
And you who are listening, it's goodbye to you.

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