One More Day

Traditional (Collected by Stan Hugill). Arr.: Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Poles Apart)

Have you heard we weigh for home tomorrow, one more day!
Breast the bars and heave her without sorrow, one more day!

Only one more day, m' Johnnies, one more day!
Oh - rock and roll me over - one more day!

Can't you hear the Old man growling, Johnnies?
Don't you hear the wind a-howling?

Only one more day of hauling, Johnnies.
Can't you hear the capstan pawling?

Only one more day of bracing, Johnnies,
Can't you feel your pulses racing?

Only one more holystoning,
Can't you hear the rigging groaning?

So shake out your long-tailed blues, m' Johnnies,
For your pay-day's nearly due, m' Johnnies.

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