Heave Away M' Johnnies

Traditional (Collected by Stan Hugill)
Arr.: Tom Lewis
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Poles Apart)

As I walked out one summer's morn', down by the Salthouse Dock,
   Heave away m' Johnnies, heave away!
Me bein' an emigrant Irish boy conversing with Tapscott,
   And away m' bully boys, we're all bound to go.

"Oh, good morning Mr. Tapscott, sir." "Good morning, sir" says me,
"And it's have you any packet ships all bound for Amerikee?"

He says: "Yes, I have a packet ship. Oh, I've got one or two,
I've got the JINNY WALKER and I've got the KANGAROO."

Sometimes we're bound for Newf'ndland, sometimes we're bound for France,
Now we're bound for Philadelphia to give the girls a dance.

Bad luck to all of them Packet Rats, bad luck to them I say,
For they all got drunk, broke into m' trunk and stole me clothes away.

So, now I'm in Philadelphia working on the canal,
To go back home in a Packet ship I'm swear I never shall.

But, I'll go home in a "National" boat that carries both steam and sail,
With lashings of corned beef every day and none of your yellow meal.

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