Goodbye Dolly Gray

Words: Will D. Cobb, Music: Paul Barnes
(Recorded by Tom Lewis on Mixed Cargo)

I have come to say goodbye, Dolly Gray,
It's no use to ask me why, Dolly Gray,
There's a murmur in the air, you can hear it everywhere,
It's the time to do and dare, Dolly Gray - so

Goodbye Dolly I must leave you, though it breaks my heart to go,
Something tells me I am needed at the front to fight the foe,
See - the soldier boys are marching and I can no longer stay,
Hark - I hear the bugle calling, goodbye Dolly Gray.

Can't you hear the sound of feet, Dolly Gray,
Marching through the village street, Dolly Gray,
That's the tramp of soldiers' feet in their uniforms so neat,
So - goodbye until we meet, Dolly Gray.  Goodbye Dolly Gray.

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